The first of a series of monographs featuring some aspect of Reggio's works will be published in September. Published under the series Edizione Antonino Reggio.
I am offering this publication at a pre-publication price. See:  Concertini per Quattro Voci.

The following related papers have been published in Academic Journals: in Sounding Board, (Journal of the British Harpsichord Society).
, article by Serguei N. Prozhoguin, Cinque Studi su Domenico Scarlatti in Ad Parnassum

New findings on the possible copyists and owners of the Scarlatti sonata manuscripts in Munster: the role of Antonino Early Music

Monsignor Antonino Reggio, cembalista e compositore del Settecento. in Fonti Musicali Italiane .

A Re-evaluation of the Manuscripts of the Keyboard Sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti in the Santini Collection in Munster   in Studi Musicali

The Following are short essays written for the on-line magazine Suite101:

1. Articles related to Monsignor Reggio:

The Discovery of an Unknown 18th Century Composer.

18th Century Sicilian Composer - Monsignor Antonino Reggio

2. Articles related to Opera Seria of the 18th Century:

The Development of Opera Seria in the Eighteenth Century

Major Librettists of Opera Seria in the Eighteenth Century.

The Importance of the Aria and Duet in Opera Seria

3. Articles related to Maltese Music of the 16 -19th centuries:

Maltese Baroque Music 1700 - 1800

Maltese Sacred Music at the Time of The Knights of St. John.

Maltese Secular Music at the Time of the Knights of St. John

Nani Family - a Maltese musical Dynasty

4. General Articles on Music:

Bach's 'Cello Suites: An Enigma

5. General Articles on Maltese History:

The English in Malta 1530-1600

The English in Malta 1530 - 1600 Part 2

Malta During the British Era - 1800-1964. Book Review

The Maltese Language.

6. Articles related to Libraries containing important manuscripts:

The Ajuda Library, Lisbon, and their Collection of Opera Scores 

The Vatican Library's Most Prized Possession

7. General articles:

Heraldria Illustrata: An Illustrated Dictionary of Heraldry

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