This page contains downloads of some of Antonino's works. Feel free to download these files. However if you perform any of the works I would be most grateful if you could inform me before hand, so I can put the performance on the news page. After the performance I should like a copy of the programme for my files and, if possible a MP3 recording.
I wish to track and publish all activities related to Reggio's works - Thank you!

Keyboard Sonatas:            

Sonata in A for cembalo - Opera Terza c.1740 (SANT Hs 3391) - MP3

Played by Ramona Zammit Formosa

Sonata in A for cembalo - Opera Terza c.1740 (SANT Hs 3391)  -  pdf

Score of Sonata in A for cembalo transcribed from Manuscript
in the Diözensanbibliothek, Münster in pdf form


Concertini a tre Soprani, e Contralto (SANT Hs 3383)

                                                 I Non temer non son più amante - pdf

                                                    II  Tu vuoi ch'io viva o cara-  pdf

Violoncello Sonatas:

                                 Sonata in d Minor for Two violoncelli arranged for Violoncello and basso continuo.
                                                    From a broadcast on WDR3 on 15 December 2011.

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