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Concertini a tre Soprani e Contralto

Introduction to the Concertini di Camera by Antonino Reggio.



This part  focuses on one particular work. It consists of three identical manuscripts of twenty arias in a unique setting. The works consist of duets set for four voices, all except three being settings from the libretti of Pietro Metastasio.

1.Diözensanbibliothek, Münster

A manuscript in the Diözensanbibliothek, Münster, under the reference SANT Hs 3383, is annotated as ‘originale’. It is dated 1763

Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze

A second manuscript, an exact copy of the Münster original is held in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di FirenzeThis manuscript is undated.

3. Biblioteca da Palacio Nacional da Ajuda

A third manuscript exists of these works is the most unusual and interesting in that it gives us some insight into the history of the period. The manuscript is dated 1770.

The pieces are set for an unusual combination of three sopranos and contralto. Two of the sopranos sing together imitating one of the characters and the third soprano together with the contralto sing the part of the second character in the duet. Where the aria moves to the duet section then the each voices takes on separate roles, interacting with each other.

The arias from the manuscript are:

I  Non temer non son più amante. Text from: 'Antigno'

II  Tu vuoi ch'io viva o cara. Text from: 'Artaserse’'

III  Ne'giorni tuoi felici  Text from: 'Olimpiade’'

IV  Destra ti chiedo. Text from: 'Demofoonte’'

V  ti credo amato bene.      Text from: 'Nitteti’'

 VI  Mille volte o mio tesoro. Text from: 'La Danza’

 VII  Va ti consola addio. Text from: 'Zenobia’'

 VIII}  Ah se di te mi privi. Text from: 'Impermestra’'
 XIX }  

  IX   Crudel morir mi vedi.  Text from: 'Semiramide’'

  X  Se mai turbo il tuo riposo.  Text from: 'Alessandro nell'Indie’'

  XI  Vanne a regnar ben mio.  Text from: 'Il re pastore'

XII  Ah che vuol dir quel pianto.  Text from: 'Romolo ed Ersilia’')

 XIII  Sì ti fido al tuo gran core.  Text from: 'Il trionfo di Clelia’'

  XIV  Sappi ch'al nascer mio.  Text from: 'Ciro riconosciuto’'

XV  Perchè se re tu sei.  Text from: 'L'Eroe Cinese’'

XVI Cara non tanto sdegno  (unknown text)

XVII, L’estremo pegno almeno, text from the setting of the drama, Adriano in Siria by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

XVIII  Scocca o cielo ardenti strali. (unknown text)

XX  Io scordarmi il mio diletto Text from: 'Partenope’'(Act 1, scene XI)

The scores of the the first two of these arias are available in pdf form for download on the DOWNLOADS page.

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