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Famiglia Reggio, Principi di Campofiorito


Arms of the Family Reggio

            The Reggio family originally settled in Sicily from Tuscany. The first member of the family to arrive on Sicilian soil was Antonino in the fourteenth century. The family established itself into Sicilian society, when in 1660 Stefano Reggio e Santo Stefano (last name is the surname of his mother) became the first Principe di Campofiorito, a small town in the region of Palermo, then, in 1672, the first Principe di Aci Sant’Antonio e San Filippo, two small towns ruling over a vast territory in the region of Catania. Stefano was succeeded by his son Luigi Reggio e Giuffré, who became Principe di Campofiorito in 1680 and during the following year he was also invested as Principe della Catena.

With the succession of Luigi Reggio e Giuffré, the family was formed into four branches. The first, second and third branches were formed from the issue of Luigi’s first marriage to Francesca Saladino. The first branch represented the succession of the Principi di Campofiorito and Principi di Aci Sant’Antonio e San Filippo, the second, the Principi della Catena and the third the Marchesi della Ginestra.

Stefano Reggio e Saladino, the first son of Luigi was initially invested (by gift of his grandfather) as the 2nd Principe di Aci Sant’Antonio e San Filippo (1680) and then (1698) had the title of third Principe di Campofiorito. The title of Principe della Catena was given (as loan only during his life, with probable renewal of this loan for his son at discretion of the head in charge of first branch) to his brother, Antonino Reggio e Saladino, who carried on the line of Principi della Catena. Successors of Stefano carried the titles of Principi di Campofiorito and Principi di Aci Sant’Antonio e San Filippo.

During the first half of the eighteenth century a new community was formed (by Andrea Giuseppe Reggio e Statella, son of Antonino Reggio e Saladino) that of Catenanuova. Andrea Giuseppe Reggio e Statella assumed also the title of Barone di Catenanuova, in addition to that one of Principe della Catena.

At this point a third branch headed by Giuseppe Reggio e Saladino, fourth son Luigi took the title of Marchese della Ginestra and after the year 1812 (when the first branch died out) the title of Principe di Aci Sant’Antonio e San Filippo. Following Luigi’s second marriage to Maria Corvino e de Prado, a fourth branch of the family was formed taking the title of the ‘Nobili dei Principi di Aci’.

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