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Project Edizione Antonino Reggio

 Violoncello Sonata Recording


            For over twelve years I have been researching the life times and works of Antonino Reggio, this being
            carried entirely at my own expense. I have managed to make Reggio known through my presentations at
            musicological conferences, papers published in Scholarly Journals and performance of some of his works
            in concerts, as well as this website


        I would like also acknowledge the following for bringing Reggio's work to the listener by including his works in         their programmes of performance:

                      Ramona Zammit Formosa (Malta) – Sonata in A for Cembalo

                      Marie-Louise Catsalis (Canada/USA) -  Sonata in A for Cembalo

                      Salvatore Carchiola (Italy)– Sonata in d-minor for violoncello and basso continuo.This performance                                                                     was broadcast on German Radio (WDR3).


        MVSICA PERDVTA, an Italian group specialising in, as their name suggests, music of baroque composers whose         works they record are previously unknown, have shown an interest in recording Reggio's violoncello sonatas. The             recording will be produced by the professional recording company, Brilliant Classics, well-known for their                     excellent recordings of little known works.


       For this project to succeed it will be necessary to solicit sponsorship. I have started this project to enable donations             to be made to help with this important addition to the musical world.


    What is in it for me? Is what people will ask. Well, most people do require a return on their investment. I cannot      hope for many philanthropists out there to sponsor this project  Therefore, I am offering some 'returns' on your                 'investment':


        Donations can be anything from Euro 1 to, well, no limit!

        1.      For donations up to Euro 5: Name to be added on this site as sponsors of the project.

        2.      For donations Euro 5 to Euro 10: Name to be added to list and listed on the sleeve of the                                                        CD, together with a 50% reduction on the price of the CD.

  3.      For donations Euro 10 to Euro 20: Names added as for 2 plus a complementary copy of the CD.

        4.      For donations Euro 20 to Euro 30: Names added as above, complementary copy of CD and 
                                         MVSICA PERDVTA's CD of the
Violoncello Sonatas of F. M. Zuccari.                                                                                 

        5.      For donations above Euro 30: As for 4 with a complementary copy of MVSICA PERDVTA's CD of         
                    some unpublished Handel Cantatas (available Summer 2012)


    Should our target not be reached the donated amount will be returned to the donors.

    A regular update will be issued on this website, Facebook and Twitter on a weekly basis.

    Donations can be made via PAYPAL by simply clicking on the DONATE NOW button. Do not forget to put your          name and contact details.


    All donations, as well as any income generated from the sale of my book, will be used for this project. I will be keeping      full account of all 'donations' which will be available upon, a reasonable, request by any of the donors.


Anthony Hart

March 2012


                                                                         List of Sponsors:

                              Dan Larson - Gamut strings - USA
                              Clive Dickenson - Australia
                              Allied Newspapers Ltd - Malta
                              Konstantin Shchenkov - St Petersburg Conservatory of Music
                              Franco Reggio d'Aci - Italy
                              Tom Fillingeri -  USA
                              Jo Diamond - UK
                              Achille Cauchi - Gozo - Malta
                              Alfred Camilleri - Exalta Consultants - Malta
                              Patricia Owen - Malta
                              Prof. Dean Sutcliffe - University of Auckland - New Zealand
                              Cambridge University Press - Eighteenth Century Music.

Target = € 5,000

Donations so far:  Euro 300


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